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  • Moon over the Mosel – A Ferry Ride from Cochem to Beilstein


    As we reached the bottom of the mountain road and began our trip along the Mosel River, I could not help but think about the poor bastards who were responsible for picking all of those grapes. The valley walls were steep and I saw a few men, high above the road, shuffling between endless rows of grape plants, harvesting the fruit by hand.  Our road followed the trail of the river until we reached the town of Cochem; a tourist favorite in the region.

    Many of the villages along the Mosel had experienced a period of strong investment and restoration in the late 1970’s; leaving a bizarre collection of medieval castles and Brady Bunch style condominiums throughout the region.  But we were not in Cochem to judge the architecture, we were interested in sampling the product that made the river famous – the wine.

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  • Rail Travel Horror Stories: Spray Deodorant is not Appropriate


    Rail travel, the quintessential method of transportation in Europe, is the great equalizer of the classes.  Yes, air travel within Europe has expanded greatly over the last two decades thanks in part to the stripped down micro-fare carriers like RyanAir, but rail travel is still the preferred method for most Europeans.  There are no security hassles, no pat-downs, no lines, no grotesque parking fees, no $15 bloody marys, no delays on the runway and no two hour pre-departure rules.  In fact, I have taken many train rides to and from Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Munich where my ticket was not once checked by a train attendant.

    Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?  Unfortunately, many have applied the laissez-faire nature of train travel to their own onboard behaviors.  Train stations are often carnivals of unwashed, unmedicated souls who either have life figured perfectly or are completely lost.  Curiously, the interiors of the trains are rarely as sketchy as the stations themselves; leading me to believe that many of the characters hanging around the stations are doing so in the name of entertainment or camaraderie.  I must admit, if I were single I’d probably thoroughly enjoy drinking beers and hanging out at any of the larger train stations in Europe.

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  • Fake Questions from Make Believe Readers: Volume 1


    Yes, it’s an unoriginal gimmick but I still have a few months of optimism left before this site becomes a mess of cynical listicles and discount airfare redirects – enjoy the content while it lasts. Let’s get on with it.

    Q:  You mentioned in an earlier post that you used to live in Germany.  What is your favorite German city and what city would you recommend for a first time visitor?

    Preston T. Wellington – Juarez, Mexico

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  • Shaun: A Very Short Profile of a Regular


    Courtesy of

    “If Shaun’s not here by nine I’m going to call the hospital.”

    The bartender at the unfortunately named Thursty Nelly’s Irish Pub had made this joke countless times and anyone who knew Shaun, or spent any time at the pub, understood the underlying humor. Shaun never missed a night. 

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  • 5 Questions about the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt

    The Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt is an annual wine festival in Bad Dürkheim, Germany.  The Wurstmarkt is the world’s largest wine festival, attracting over 500,000 visitors every September.

    The first time I visited the Wurstmarkt I saw a grown man tackle his girlfriend into a trash can.  As the two of them collapsed onto the ground in a drunken haze like a couple of neophytic alcoholics, a friend came to the rescue and separated the pair before any further felonies were committed.

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