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  • How to Eat Japanese Food 1: Yakiniku


    I’m sure there are vegetarians somewhere in Japan but I can’t say that I’ve met one.  Japan’s culture, like most cultures, is largely centered around food and the way it’s prepared.  In the first of what I hope to be a plentiful series of posts on Japanese food, we are going to look at a traditional Japanese favorite – Korean barbeque.

    Yes, Korean barbeque.

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  • United Airlines Revamps Mileage Plus for 2015 – Leisure Travelers Cry into Pillows


    Once again it appears I’ve shown up to the bar just as happy hour has ended.  Ben Mutzabaugh of USA Today recently reported that United Airlines has revamped the Mileage Plus® program for 2015.  The new program will award points to travelers based on the fares of their tickets; not miles traveled.

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  • Moon over the Mosel – A Ferry Ride from Cochem to Beilstein


    As we reached the bottom of the mountain road and began our trip along the Mosel River, I could not help but think about the poor bastards who were responsible for picking all of those grapes. The valley walls were steep and I saw a few men, high above the road, shuffling between endless rows of grape plants, harvesting the fruit by hand.  Our road followed the trail of the river until we reached the town of Cochem; a tourist favorite in the region.

    Many of the villages along the Mosel had experienced a period of strong investment and restoration in the late 1970’s; leaving a bizarre collection of medieval castles and Brady Bunch style condominiums throughout the region.  But we were not in Cochem to judge the architecture, we were interested in sampling the product that made the river famous – the wine.

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  • Fake Questions from Make Believe Readers: Volume 2


    Q:  Is it true that you had a bad experience in Venice?  How could anyone have a bad time in such a beautiful city?

    Lieutenant Al Giardello – Baltimore Police Department


    I appreciate the question Lieutenant Al, but I am afraid you are accusing me of a crime I did not commit.  My wife and I went to Venice in late November a few years ago and we had a fine time.  I found the city to be every bit as beautiful as those who have been romanticizing it for centuries.  


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