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  • 5 Questions about the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt

    The Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt is an annual wine festival in Bad Dürkheim, Germany.  The Wurstmarkt is the world’s largest wine festival, attracting over 500,000 visitors every September.

    The first time I visited the Wurstmarkt I saw a grown man tackle his girlfriend into a trash can.  As the two of them collapsed onto the ground in a drunken haze like a couple of neophytic alcoholics, a friend came to the rescue and separated the pair before any further felonies were committed.

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  • The Mayor of Bologna



    Italy has been romanticized for centuries, and rightfully so. Florence was one of the most dramatic cities I have ever had the pleasure to visit. The city was overrun with tourists and the line at the Uffizi Gallery was a discordant amalgam of slack jawed foreigners and indifferent Fiorentini, but the streets and piazzas of Firenze brought the Renaissance to the 21st Century. Rome, despite its overcrowding and maintenance shortcomings, has left considerable historical and cultural impressions on even the most hedonistic of travelers. Venice, a glorified cruise port and Epcot Center exhibit, is unrivaled in its beauty. Bologna, the cradle of gastronomy in Italy, is a cooperative of insane, aged communists and social miscreants.

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