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  • Fake Questions from Make Believe Readers: Volume 2


    Q:  Is it true that you had a bad experience in Venice?  How could anyone have a bad time in such a beautiful city?

    Lieutenant Al Giardello – Baltimore Police Department


    I appreciate the question Lieutenant Al, but I am afraid you are accusing me of a crime I did not commit.  My wife and I went to Venice in late November a few years ago and we had a fine time.  I found the city to be every bit as beautiful as those who have been romanticizing it for centuries.  


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  • Fake Questions from Make Believe Readers: Volume 1


    Yes, it’s an unoriginal gimmick but I still have a few months of optimism left before this site becomes a mess of cynical listicles and discount airfare redirects – enjoy the content while it lasts. Let’s get on with it.

    Q:  You mentioned in an earlier post that you used to live in Germany.  What is your favorite German city and what city would you recommend for a first time visitor?

    Preston T. Wellington – Juarez, Mexico

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